Use Powerpoint
as a graphic design tool

Use Powerpoint as a graphic design tool? Are you serious?
I know you think I am crazy when saying this.

Hello! I’m glad to see you here!
I’m going to tell you that I am not a designer, I haven’t taken any design classes before, and I think I am just like you guys – young, curious and love to discover new things. You know what? I studied accounting when I was in university. An accountant vs. a designer? There is nothing relating to each other here. But wait, let’s take a look at these designs below, they are all designed with Powerpoint. I can guarantee you that I can do it, so there are no reasons you can’t.

They’re so stunning, huh? 
You’re right, and you can design these banners with Microsoft Powerpoint. Powerpoint lets you customize any sizes such as fan page covers, youtube thumbnails, Facebook or Instagram posts, and many more.
You can insert shapes, pictures, texts within a few clicks. Changing any colors you like is so easy, you can even find many picture styles in Powerpoint then apply them to your images. One more fantastic thing you can do with Powerpoint is to merge 2 or 3 shares to create a new shape. Powerpoint allows you to create gradient colors, make them transparent, and export your designs to high-quality pictures or even 4k videos, etc. There are many wonderful features you can find in Powerpoint. It is way more comfortable to use Powerpoint for our designs than any other software.

Microsoft Powerpoint is such a popular tool. I am sure that you’re all using it for your presentations at school or in the office. But I want you now to see it as a graphic design tool that can help your design posters, banners, ads much more comfortable than Photoshop or Illustrator.
All you need is to read more “Tips & Tricks” or watch “Video tutorials” on our website to learn and practice. You don’t need to install any complicated software on your computer; with Microsoft Powerpoint, you will never think designing is difficult anymore.

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